Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shaving Off the Unwanted Hair Is Now A Thing Of The Past

Shaving and waxing are among the things many people would enjoy without. It would be a fulfilled dream for most if a way of removing unwanted facial or body hair permanently were discovered. Laser hair removal has evolved these past years in such a way that the desired result can be achieved only after a few sessions. Light at a specified wavelength is targeted toward a hair follicle during treatment. Damage is inflicted on the follicle but not on the surrounding tissue.

The laser would only work if the hair is in its active cycle, so it would be necessary for treatment to be repeated a few more times. Four sessions of approximately 10 to 15 minutes each would eliminate the unwanted hair in a small area, such as the chin or around the lips. Six sessions lasting 30 to 45 minutes would be needed to remove hair from a larger area, such as the legs or back. Each treatment is done at intervals of about four to five weeks, because the process is only effective during the follicle’s growth phase. To get a closer look on sydney laser hair removal visit this site.

To prepare for this procedure, tanning should be avoided for a few weeks, and the area to be treated should not be waxed or tweezed. On the other hand, shaving is allowed since it does not keep the laser from targeting the hair follicle. Only a few are not able to take the treatment as well as the majority who describe the laser pulsing as a pinching sensation. To address the needs of those with a lower tolerance, topical anesthetic cream is made available to them. The area sometimes reddens afterward. When this happens, it is best that patients avoid the sun for a few days and put on sun block when going outdoors is necessary.

These last two years have shown a very significant increase in the number fo requests for laser hair removal, points out a doctor at a local clinic. A female doctor points out that since more and more people aren’t keen any longer in waxing or shaving, the procedure has come at the right time to provide a solution for them. She trained to become a technician, certified by a manufacturer of equipment, and points out the her clients are very comfortable having the procedure done to them at her spa.
The procedures that one physician would perform would sometimes number to about 15. About 30 percent of the clients are men wanting the hair by their neck, shoulders or back removed. Physicians at a local clinic observe that men and women alike are joining the bandwagon to remove unwanted hair from their bodies safely and permanently. According to these doctors, only those who receive training necessary for this procedure are qualified to perform it. Help on laser hair removal revesby is easy to get.

There have been cases of serious burns and skin pigment damage because the one handling the laser equipment was careless. The doctor or technician should be made aware of any medical problems and prescriptions used, as certain medication, such as photosensitizing drugs, may affect the process. Treatment cost may range from about $100 to $250 for a session that lasts 15 minutes. Waxing and shaving are a thing of the past, and it’s that relief that lets me know I spent the money well, says a patient.
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