Thursday, December 23, 2010

Skin Care

In today's world with competition and perfection being the most essential thing, it is imperative to look good. Make-up will help you to some extent but what is most important is natural beauty and a glowing skin. The major culprits that ruin and play havoc on our skin are ultraviolet rays, pollution and stress to some extent. However the most important thing for a glowing and a fresh look and skin is regular exercise and a balanced diet. However at the same time you also need to give your skin a little time for its care and here are a few tips for your skin care regime.


Your skin requires proper cleansing to keep it properly toned and clean. Cleansing removes the dust and stress from your face by cleaning the pores and circulating the blood supply. Use a gentle cleansing agent. Face washes are specially prepared to be effective at cleansing your skin gently and tenderly. For your body use a good mild and moisturizing soap.


It is essential to use good moisturizers since the UV rays and pollution dries your skin thoroughly and makes it lifeless. There is a range of moisturizers available in the market to suit your skin type but what is important here is to pick the right one with the right components in it. Choose moisturizers, which have anti-aging ingredients and vitamins, added to it and use it regularly. Vitamin A or Retinol and Alphahydroxy Acids are the best anti-aging agents. There are several salts of vitamin A and isotretenioin is found to have definite anti-aging properties and is very effective. It is also an effective care for acne but it dries the skin and also can give mild irritation and hence has to be used under the supervision of dermatologist. Vitamin C is found to have antioxidants and thus has a protective effect on the skin. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant and works by quenching oxygen radicals. Oxygen radicals are formed which causes damage to the skin because of pollution and ultraviolet rays. Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid are all good moisturizers as they have a good water binding capacity. Ceramides work effectively on the skin barrier function as well as in the metabolism of the skin. However all these components have to be present in a proper concentration and then only can they be effective.


With the rise in pollution level and the intensity of the ultraviolet rays it is very essential to use sunscreens during daytime to protect your skin form any kind of damage and premature wrinkles even if you are at home because these rays come in through the windows and there is no running away from it. The UVA ultraviolet rays penetrate deep down in the skin and damage not only the top layer of the skin called epidermis but also the collagen and elastin tissues thereby causing wrinkles and sagging skin. These rays tan your skin and also harms the skin immune system thereby making the skin vulnerable to allergies. Another type of UV-rays is UVB. The sunscreen you use should denote the sun protection factor (SPF) and the approximate measure for protection against UVB is 30 or higher is always better and also check out the protection measures against UVA.


Facial is also a vital step towards beautiful skin.Facial thoroughly cleanse your face and remove the top dead layers of the skin resulting into having a beautiful and glowing skin. Facial moisturizers your face effectively and help in faster cell reneval and relaxes the muscle of the face. Facial can also treat problems like dark patches, treating acne, restoring skin colour and toning the skin. Facial must be done at least once a month and by a professional beautician.


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